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The Value that You Bring. You have worked hard to build and maintain a strong social media following by being honest with your followers about your views, thoughts and feelings. When you appear in public whether it be on the web, film, television, or other media, the public understands that in most instances you are playing a role and are compensated for your work. Your social media accounts are different. Your followers experience a more direct relationship with you. Often, they have an expectation that you will you will be as honest with them about your genuine views, opinions and feelings as are their friends and family. That is why brands value social media advertising. The Givfluence Network allows you to remain true to your audience by selecting the advertisers whose products and services you already support genuinely. You reach out to them by “liking” their brand in our system and we do the rest.

Once approved, when you publicly mention or post a photograph or video with a brand that you support, the brand receives the value of your mention in an honest, positive and genuine manner. This is one of the most influential forms of marketing that exists today. These genuine product and service references translate directly into quantitative value for brands such that that they are willing to compensate you or your cause for each mention – even though you might normally mention them anyway!

Why Choose Givfluence. Social media marketing via the Givfluence Network is less about product placement than it is about recognizing the genuine consumer relationships that already exists between influencers and the brands they genuinely use and support. Givfluence provides an outlet for influencers to reach out to brands that they are already genuinely excited about or that they simply want to support politically, environmentally or otherwise. Brands open their campaigns, pay our Influencers for each mention and Influencers are then encouraged to donate all or a portion of their  earnings to approved Givfluence causes. You are already doing the work simply by making every day purchases and using your social media accounts – why not make it count?

Givfluence Influencers are not publicly listed on our site. We list our approved brands only for our influencers to choose among. Choose the Brands you like today!  Apply now.

What are the Requirements to be a GivFluencer?

  • At Least 18 Years of Age. (14 with Parental Permission)
  • At least 50,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook  or Instagram.
  • You must personally draft or approve your own postings.

GivFluence™ – Social Media Influencing For Good.

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