1. May I apply to be an GivFluencer?
Yes! We are now accepting GivFluencer applications here.

2. What is a GivFluencer?
A GivFluencer is a GivFluence influencer, registered within our system and eligible to contact Brands to form genuine GivFluencer relationships. Our list of GivFluencers is not public. It is always up to the GivFluencer to initiate relationships with Brands not the other way around. We believe that this policy helps snsure the genuine nature of the relationships between our GivFluencers and the brands that they choose to support.

3. May I apply to all Brands at once?
No. Our goal is to provide genuine spokespersons to our brand members as Givfluencers. Genuine influences use our brand’s products or services in their every day lives. GivFluencers apply to only those brands that they truly feel they can genuinely support.

 4. How much will I earn for mentioning a Brand’s products or services on Twitter or Instagram?
This depends on the particular campaign and is determined by the brand. Once accepted by a brand you will have access to one or more campaigns from which to choose. The details of each campaign are included within each campaign that you choose to participate in.

5. How do I apply to become a Brand?
Make sure that you you meet our eligibility requirements and then you may apply here.

6. What charities do you currently support?
We are adding new charities to our list of supported charities all the time but our current list can be found here.

7. If I apply to a Brand and I am not accepted will anyone know?
No. There are many reasons why a Brand may not accept an GivFluencer at any given moment. There may be no current social media campaign running, there may be contractual restrictions or a myriad of other reasons. Therefore, if you are not accepted by a given Brand do not despair, wait a few months and apply again. No harm done.

8. Is GivFluence compliant with current FTC regulations concerning paid endorsements?
Yes. All campaigns require GivFluencers to include appropriate disclaimers in all mentions in order to be eligible for payment. This is true even for our Platinum GivFluencers that donate 100% of their earnings to approved charities because the charities still receive compensation for the mention made by the GivFluencer.

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