Givfluence is a social media platform which brings brands together with some of the the most highly influential and sought after Influencers in the social media marketing industry to create genuine and mutually cooperative partnerships with the goal of supporting approved causes with all or a portion of all proceeds donated by the influencer to Givfluence approved causes.

Givfluence Influencers choose from among a collection of top brands which they already truly believe in. By choosing simply to recognize existing consumer relationships brand value in each mention is preserved. Influencers may also choose to donate all or a portion of proceeds to any Givfluence cause.

Givfluence allows each Influencer to control the message to preserve the genuine nature of each mention thereby increasing the value of each mention. Brands create campaign timelines and budgets but the message is always reserved for the Influencer to create in their style and reflecting the genuine nature of how the brand fits into their life.